11 novembre 2010

Mr Unlettered vs Mr Intelligent

Once upon time an old man lived in northern China whose name was Mr. Unlettered.
The old man's house faced South and there were two huge mountains, Bang and Wang situated right in front of his house.
One day he suggested to his children that they should start digging these mountains away.

His neighbour, whose name was Mr. Intelligent said to his foolish neighbour that he knew he was a stupid old man but not this stupid as to remove those mountains by digging away with his hands.
The old man replied "My friend you are right but remember if I die then this work will be carried on by my children, when they die by their children, then when those kids die it will be carried on by their kids and this digging will go on and on and on. These mountains are not going to grow any taller. Every day we dig they are reduced in size and hopefully this menace will be completely removed from the front of the house".

it does not matter if you do little or more and how many people made use of it: this is all about the knowledge and loving people.
Ricevuta dal mio amico B. in risposta a una perplessità su quanto riusciamo a fare per contribuire in meglio al nostro piccolo grande mondo.
Cheers, mate!

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